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Celebrity Talent Acquisition for Corporations,
Brands, Venues and Promoters

International event facilitators for concerts, tours and special events

What We Do


We’re Different

We Represent the Buyer!

We are a collective of senior-level thinkers responsible for connecting brands with celebrity talent to increase exposure. Unique in design, we exclusively represent “the buyers” as our clients. (Think of us as a buyers agent in a real estate transaction). Through our elite black book, OA negotiates on your behalf with the world’s top entertainers, allowing us the ability to connect you, our clients, with all levels of talent. We do not work for any specific artist, we work with them all!

How we go about it


OA is here to help our clients successfully market their brands by leveraging the power of the celebrity. We provide a professional, stress-free process to make your event a success that will save you time, money, and most importantly, leave you with peace of mind. We will get the best possible deal and free you from all the headaches that come along with negotiations and delayed responses. We do it so you don’t have to.

1. Consultation

Complete our Talent survey and speak immediately with an OA agent.

2. Negotiations

Customized step-by-step process for handling contracts and payments.

3. Facilitation

On-site agent assistance to insure your event is a success.


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Direct Relationship = Better Pricing

Establishing trust & rapport is why we are the best at what we do; and because of it, we get the best prices hands down! Although you may have a relationship with an artist, our ability to book them frequently results in a better rate for you. We are booking talent multiple times a year in different cities across the world and this gives us leverage during negotiations. 

Real Time Industry Data

Everything moves at lightning speed in the entertainment world. Prices differ weekly. Who is relevant can change in a matter of hours. Last minute travel arrangements can put an artist in your city before you know it. OA maintains contact with Artist management to keep up with the ever-changing entertainment industry.


OA history of events (drop shadow)

2011 NBA Allstar Weekend, our founders came together to host 2 memorable events in Los Angeles, CA. Freddie, a prominent promoter in Washington DC, supplied the talent while Nehemiah provided the relationships with the venues; a deadly combination that would soon be packaged. By pairing venues and promoters with the world’s top artists, athletes and entertainers, a niche was recognized. Not only were they on to something, but this combination was faced by an open road with endless opportunities. Shortly after Epiphany Events & The Over Achievers merged to form OA Agency, an event facilitation firm responsible for 800+ events worldwide. Two very different entrepreneurs set out to change the way business was conducted in the concert realm, and in turn, developed a national firm helping remodel how brands, promoters and venues align with celebrities.


No additional cost to you!

Unlike traditional booking agencies, OA Agency does not charge our clients a separate booking fee.

Secured payments

Clients feel comfortable knowing all transactions are handled with care and discretion. Your money is always protected.